The team

  • Gill Boes

    Founder & Boomzitter Board

    Since childhood I have had a great passion for nature, from gardening to treasure hunts in the (primeval) forest. I was just not born in the 'Boestuin' so to speak. Since I was 23 I've been working on my mission of 1 million trees because I believe this is really needed!

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  • Christiaan Vroegindeweij

    Board member/secretary

    Why sit still when you can do something? Forests are essential to us. I am happy to dedicate my time and experience to that.

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  • Laura Deutz

    Online Marketing Specialist

    In addition to helping companies and entrepreneurs with online marketing, I also like to contribute to the charity Boes Bos. This is how the foundation grows (online) and the world becomes greener. The greener the better!

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  • Gonny de Wit-van Dinten

    Office manager

    I am a real nature person. You can immediately see that I am climate-conscious at my home by the solar panels and the 1,000 liter water tons that are there. My house is also insulated. In Eindhoven you can regularly find me picking up litter or when I am active for the neighborhood watch in Woensel-Noord.

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