Voedselbos Schijndel

Schijndel food forest

Saturday, April 23, the team of Boes Bos visited Food Forest Schijndel. Together with a guide they walked through the forest.

With 20 hectares, this is the largest food forest in the Netherlands. 10-15 people can live on 1 hectare. The forest is made up of three layers; herb layer, shrub layer and trees. The flora and fauna come to life, including the fungal network in the soil between the trees. This life form even survives dry summers.

Plants and trees are laid out in a wave motion in order to optimally absorb the sun. Each plot has eleven different varieties. The idea is that the forest is completely self-sufficient, without fertilizers and pesticides. Nature does all the work. Each plant has its own function in this.

Voedselbosbouwnederland.org is involved in a breakthrough program to convert 150 hectares of modern arable land into sustainable food forests. So that farmers can farm on healthy soil again, without having to plow and spray.

The Boes Bos team went on a tour through the food forest with a guide. The forest is located between long avenues with poplars, which characterize this landscape near Schijndel. The young trees are 3 years old.

And trees are still being planted according to plan. Giel Boes has fond memories of the 1st year, in which he was allowed to plant trees himself.

Would you like to lend a helping hand to the food forest? You can do that by signing up for the tree planting day. Or through a donation to the 'Boes Bos Foundation', which ensures that the money ends up in the right place. Then the forest can continue to grow.


The coming weeks is the time to go for a walk and enjoy everything that grows and blooms. For example, you can go to the vitaminibos in Schijndel. Between the edge of the Wijboschbroek nature reserve and the Ben Peterspad near Schijndel.

Part of the Food Forest will be set up as a test forest, the Vitaminibos.

The Vitaminibos is accessible at certain times for a guided tour or a picnic. A workshop can also be followed later to get acquainted with a large number of surprising edible species.

The Schaapskooi, Martemanshurk 12 in Schijndel, is located near the food forest. Sheepfold Schijndel – Sheepfold Schijndel.

From here you can start a walk. Register now to avoid disappointment.

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Beste mr/mevr vd Broek, dit kan meerdere keren per jaar. Neem voor meer info contact op met voedselbosbouw.org en refereer even naar ons en dit blog, succes :)


Wanneer is er weer een mogelijkheid om het voedselbos in Schijndel met een gids te bezoeken ?

vd Broek

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