In fact, we know very well that we should live differently to save the climate and the environment. Buy less, eat differently, fly less…. But how? You already have enough on your mind and you also want to enjoy life a bit. And living more climate-consciously is a lot of hassle and very boring. However?

In practice, that works out quite well. At Boes Bos we are happy to give you inspiration to start living in a more climate and environmentally conscious way in a fairly easy way. You can start as small as you want. Because every little bit helps. Small changes in your habits can make a big difference!

Below we give you a few tips that you can apply right now:

  • Buy second-hand stuff, especially electronics, because producing chips costs a lot of energy. The product lasts longer and in expensive times you also save a lot of money.
  • Also consider buying second-hand clothes. The entire clothing industry emits more CO2 than aviation and shipping combined. Wow!

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Want to do even more? Then think about planting or protecting forests. Because trees play an important role in combating climate change.

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Yes, I want to know more about protecting forests!