Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. All kinds of life: plants, flowers, insects, animals, humans, fungi, microorganisms. Really everything that lives. It is also about numbers per species. For example, how many people are there? Just over 8 billion. And how many ants? About 20 quadrillion!

All that life together forms an ecosystem. The more species of life there are in an ecosystem, the stronger the system is. A strong ecosystem is better able to withstand changes, such as climate change. But if there are 20 trillion ants, is it so bad that a few species of ants are going extinct? Yes, that's bad. Imagine biodiversity as a tower of blocks. If you remove one block, probably nothing will happen. But if you pull out too many blocks, the whole collapses irrevocably.

We humans sometimes forget that we are part of nature. And completely dependent for our survival on nature. Our food, our health, half of the world economy depends on biodiversity.

That is why Boes Bos is committed to strengthening biodiversity with all tree projects. In the Netherlands we do this with food forests. Food forests produce local, seasonal food that has not been treated with poisons or fertilizers. In addition, the soil where food forests grow is improving. All this attracts more and more new life: from mycelium in the soil to long-eared owl in the trees.

That is why Boes Bos focuses on food forests, because it provides food for the entire ecosystem. Are you also excited? Then plant your own tree(s) in a food forest now.

Yes, I'm in!