Protect trees

Rainforests are the oldest and richest ecosystems left on Earth. Some rainforests in Asia are over 100 million years old! Everyone knows the Amazon rainforest, which is home to the largest and richest biodiversity on our planet. But there are also beautiful rainforests in Asia, Africa and part of Australia.

Unfortunately, the rainforest is under serious threat. Trees are felled for agriculture, for palm, soy or pineapple plantations. But road construction and the extraction of raw materials such as peat and wood also pose a major threat. More than half of the rainforests have disappeared in the past 50 years because of this!

Rainforests absorb a huge amount of CO2. And they are home to the most amazing animals, insects and plants. Nowhere in the world is the biodiversity as great as in the rainforest! The great advantage of an existing forest is that it is already perfect. You don't have to do anything about it anymore.

The best way to protect the rainforest is to buy and manage parts of it yourself. In this way the forest can no longer be exploited economically! Our goal is to buy and preserve as much virgin forest as possible. Boes Bos is mainly active in the beautiful rainforest in Costa Rica. Will you help us protect the rainforests?

Yes, I also want to protect a piece of rainforest!