Trees as a nature factory

How exactly does photosynthesis work? A tree absorbs water from the soil with its roots. In dry periods, tree roots draw water up from deeper soil layers and keep the soil more moist. In periods of high rainfall, their roots hold the soil firmly. As a result, it washes away less quickly.

Photosynthesis trees Photosynthesis explained (image Wageningen University & Research)

A tree absorbs CO2 from the air with its leaves. Through the light of the sun, he converts these two ingredients into sugar and oxygen. That way he can grow. The bigger a tree is and the more leaves it has, the more CO2 it can absorb. Between 10 and 40 kilos per year! But that is not the only thing: a tree also exhales oxygen through its leaves. Actually, all plants on earth do this, but trees are much larger and live longer. An ordinary tree often lives more than 100 or even 200 years! That is why trees are CO2 storage champions.

Fantastic! I also want to plant a tree