For companies

Your business is actually doing quite well. Things are running smoothly. Yet you are increasingly worried about the consequences of climate change. As a company you try to do the best you can. By saving on your energy consumption, for example.

You could use some inspiration to green your business. Show the people in your company in a positive way that they too can contribute to the climate in an accessible way. And you want to let the outside world, your customers and other stakeholders know what you are doing.

The Boes Bos Foundation can help your company to fulfill your green ambitions in various ways. We believe in solutions that work. Such as emitting less CO2 on the one hand and storing more CO2 on the other. With the first we help you with practical tips. The second is what we do at Boes Bos by investing in forests.

The Boes Bos Foundation works according to the four B's:

  • Planting trees : at home and abroad
  • Preserving Forests : Protecting unique rainforest in Costa Rica
  • Strengthening biodiversity : by planting food forests in the Netherlands
  • Awareness : inspiring and motivating companies and individuals to act more climate-consciously.

A few examples of cooperation with our foundation:

  1. Book a motivational speaker from our team who will give an inspiration session about how you can reduce your CO2 footprint in a simple way
  2. Sponsor us so that we can invest in forests on behalf of your organization
  3. Consider our CO2 neutral Christmas package

Curious what Boes Bos could do for your company? Please contact or call us on 085-30 14 739 .