What we do

The Boes Bos Foundation wants to combat the consequences of climate change. The foundation helps plant trees all over the world. We plant food forests in the Netherlands and mixed forests around the equator. In this way we directly contribute to the storage of CO2, we improve the soil and we promote biodiversity in the new forests.

In addition, Boes Bos helps protect tropical rainforest in Costa Rica. Rainforests are the oldest and most diverse forests left on Earth. They absorb a lot of CO2 and are home to the greatest biodiversity on our planet. In this way we contribute to the conservation of unique plant and animal species and the absorption of CO2.

In addition, we conduct awareness campaigns in which we show that it is easier than you think to live more climate-consciously. Boes Bos is for everyone: young and old, companies and individuals. It is our mission to plant 17.5 million trees and inspire 1 million people to live more climate-consciously before the end of 2028. Because the CO2 that we do not emit does not need to be stored!

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