PRESS RELEASE: The Boes Bos Foundation stops eating for the climate for 100+ days

Various volunteers and sympathizers of the Boes Bos foundation will stop eating from Friday 21 October. With the action they draw attention to the climate. By not eating, they literally reflect on the consequences of climate change.

Most people enjoyed the warm summer weather last summer. But actually this summer was not normal for the Dutch climate. In the Netherlands it doesn't rain for longer and then suddenly so much that it led to major flooding in Limburg, Germany and Belgium, just like last summer. With more than 220 victims as a result.

The Boes Bos Foundation wants to combat climate change in a positive way by planting and protecting (food) forests at home and abroad. By fasting 100 days+, the foundation wants to raise 20,000 euros. Proceeds benefit four causes:

  1. The construction of 5,000 m2 food forest in the Netherlands
  2. The protection of 25,000 m2 of tropical forest in Costa Rica
  3. Planting 33,333 trees in the tropics around the equator
  4. Supporting climate awareness campaigns

Trees are extremely important for mitigating climate change. They absorb CO2 and exhale oxygen. They are the lungs of our earth.

Founder Giel takes the lead with 10 days of fasting. A number of the Boes Bos volunteers and sympathizers each participate for 3 to even 30 (!) days. But anyone can join, put down their fork and knife and raise money for the climate! Even if it's just for a day.

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