Will activists save the Utrechtse Marquiseik?

The endangered Marquis oak along the A27 seems to have received a spectacular boost. This special oak threatens to be cut down with hundreds of others for the widening of the A27 motorway. Opponents of this plan voted en masse for this tree in the Tree of the Year Election 2022. With 32,000 votes against 1,200 for the runner up, it seems like a race is over for the stately Marquiseik.

That is good news for the activists who want to protect the forest near Ameliswaard against felling. The province and the city of Utrecht also hope to preserve their beloved forest. The forest was created two centuries ago by Marquis Henri Maximilien de St. Simon. Due to more attention for the endangered forest, the pressure is increasing on Minister Harbers to come up with a different solution.

Trees are the lungs of our earth. They absorb CO2 and exhale oxygen. The BoesBos Foundation is committed to protecting trees and expanding (food) forests in the Netherlands and beyond.

Source: Loyalty

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